High Definition, HD, Medium Definition Liposuction

This technique is widely applied in clinics and hospitals and aims to make the abdomen of men and women better defined and athletic. In general, its main difference from conventional liposuction models is directly related to the purpose and amount of fat tissue aspirated.
That’s because, while traditional liposuction  aims to remove greater volumes of fat present in unwanted places such as legs, arms, back, buttocks and abdomen, Lipo HD is aimed at patients who do not have as much excess body fat, however, do not achieve definition muscle through physical exercise.

What is HD liposuction?
Created in 2012 in Colombia by plastic surgeon Alfredo Hoyos, HD liposuction is a technique used to more accurately aspirate fat from a certain region of the body. To ensure greater definition of the contour of the muscles in the skin, this procedure takes into account the patient’s biotype.
It became popular in Brazil from 2015 due to the demand of patients who want to obtain a more expressive body contour. However, this technique is exclusively intended for athletic audiences, that is, it is useful to offer results that cannot be obtained only with physical exercises and training.

How does the procedure work?
Lipo HD can be performed under general anesthesia. The procedure consists of making small incisions in the operated region, through which a special cannula will be inserted to aspirate the fat. This equipment aspirates adipose tissue, making the procedure minimally invasive.
Thus, in addition to ensuring a better result, it prevents further damage to nerves and blood vessels. Consequently, there is a lower incidence of side effects common to this type of intervention, such as bruises and pain. Another advantage is that this technique allows better control over the liposuctioned area, thus ensuring high definition of the visible muscles in the skin.
The approximation of the body’s musculature to the skin is done through the elimination of fat tissue, which is a more accentuated technique than other forms of liposuction. Thus, muscle tone as well as the appearance of the site are characteristics sought through this technique.

What are the indications?
As it is a specific procedure for muscle definition, lipo HD is indicated only for patients who are within their ideal weight or very close to it. Therefore, it is not recommended for overweight individuals who do not have a balanced diet and do not adopt a frequent exercise routine.
In this sense, overweight or obese and sedentary people may not benefit from the application of this technique, especially due to excess fat in the abdominal region, upper and lower limbs. Thus, the results can be compromised, after all, it is a procedure that uses small volumes of fat.

What is Lipo HD’s postoperative care?
As it is an invasive surgical procedure, high definition liposuction requires some important care. This is because this technique consists of sucking tissue from fat cells, resulting in trauma that can lead to common complications, such as swelling, edema, accumulation of fluid under the skin (seromas), among others.
In this context, it is essential to adopt some precautions in order to reduce this type of disorder. In addition, by taking the necessary precautions, the patient can contribute to speeding up recovery and minimizing more important surgical complications. This way, it is also guaranteed the maintenance of satisfactory final results in less time.
Check below the main medical recommendations during the postoperative period of Lipo HD.

In general, the patient must remain at rest for at least 14 days after performing the procedure. Although absolute inactivity is not necessary, it is important to avoid any practice that requires excessive physical effort.
In addition, when the procedure is associated with other types of surgery, such as mammoplasty or abdominoplasty, for example, an even longer period for tissue recovery and healing is recommended.

Lymphatic Drainage
Lymphatic drainage is a highly recommended massage technique for patients undergoing any type of surgery. This procedure allows for better fluid transport through the walls of blood vessels.
In this way, in addition to properly eliminating toxins from the body, the edema, seroma and nodules that eventually form during healing are reduced. However, it is worth remembering that this type of treatment depends on each case and must be evaluated by the responsible plastic surgeon.

Styling Belt
The use of styling straps is also a common practice during the postoperative period of Lipo HD. After all, through this instrument it is possible to improve stability in the operated region. Consequently, proper blood circulation is ensured — which can speed recovery and contribute to better results. An important detail is that it is used during the first 30 days, including during sleep.

Contrary to what many people imagine, feeding does not necessarily go through extremely representative care. It is only recommended to consume foods that can compromise the healing process, such as the excessive use of sugars, fats, dairy products, seafood and sodium.
On the other hand, including fresh foods, such as vegetables and fruits can be very beneficial, after all, they are substances rich in fiber and other essential nutrients for a better functioning of the body.

Healthy routine
As with any other type of surgical intervention, maintaining good habits during the postoperative period can help to speed up patients’ recovery. Therefore, it is essential to avoid the use of substances harmful to health, such as the consumption of alcoholic beverages and tobacco in excess. Furthermore, it is important to emphasize that a restful sleep routine is equally important for your recovery.

Physical activities
As a rule, patients who use Lipo HD as a resource to ensure a better defined abdomen already adopt a regular exercise routine. Therefore, resuming these activities is an important precaution, as it can harm the results of the procedure. In general, the release by the physician undergoes analysis of the evolution of recovery as well as the body’s response to surgery.
As you can see, taking the necessary measures to enhance recovery during the post-operative period of Lipo HD is essential to guarantee good results from plastic surgery. Therefore, just follow all the recommendations correctly.

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