Profiloplasty: What is it and for whom is it indicated?

This is the procedure that aims to change the shape of the nose and chin at the same time. In other words, when performing a Profiloplasty, the patient undergoes Rhinoplasty or Rhinomodeling (esthetic adjustment of the nose) and Mentoplasty or facial harmonization of the chin and jaw with hyaluronic acid (esthetic adjustment of the chin) at the same time.

The advantage of performing this technique together is to improve the patient’s profile as a whole. And here we go back to what we mentioned in the introduction. The ‘profiloplasty’ name was created because it improves the “profile” making the result extremely more satisfactory than doing just one procedure or the other – if the person is indicated to do both, obviously.

Who is profileplasty suitable for?

Often, the person goes to the plastic surgeon complaining about the shape of the nose or chin. But with the keen eye of a good doctor, the practitioner can suggest to you—after an examination of your facial features and your expectations—another option.

That’s where profiling comes in. This is because, he may conclude that, to achieve his goals, it will not be enough to move only one of the organs (nose or chin), but both.

Of course, it may also happen that you already come to the doctor with a desire to undergo surgery. This is because, you may be dissatisfied with the look of your nose and chin.

For these people, the great advantage of profiloplasty is to undergo only one procedure, one anesthesia and one postoperative period!

How is the profileoplasty postoperative period?

You may be wondering if operating your nose and chin at the same time will make you more uncomfortable during the recovery process.

First, the duration of the surgery is longer than if both procedures were performed separately, about 4 hours.

However, if the options are to use hyaluronic acid for structuring the nose and chin, we will obviously have a need for a greater volume of product than if we did only one of the areas.

After surgery, it is common to feel a swollen face, so there will be bandages on both the chin and the nose. So, plan to rest well and get away from work and the gym for a few days, usually about 10 days.

However, when the treatment is carried out with hyaluronic acid, the edema will be less and there will be no need for absences from work!

In profiloplasty we also usually evaluate and include the treatment of the lips region such as filling, lifting or other necessary treatments!

A few tips will help you get through this “renewed pre-profile” phase with more peace of mind. Are they:

• make cold or cold saline compresses;
• eat balanced and prefer soft and liquid preparations to facilitate chewing;
• avoid suffering trauma to the entire face area, being careful with your movements. Including sleeping position and when entering and leaving places;
• avoid major changes in temperature and exposure to sunlight;
• Obey all medical advice.

In addition to all this, don’t forget to return to the doctor to achieve the expected result and maintain your profiling.

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