Botox, also known as botulinum toxin, is a substance that can be used to treat various diseases, such as microcephaly, paraplegia and muscle spasms, because it is able to prevent muscle contraction and acts by promoting temporary muscle paralysis, which helps to reduce symptoms related to these situations.

In addition, as it acts by inhibiting neuronal stimuli related to muscle contraction, botox is also widely used as an aesthetic procedure, mainly to reduce wrinkles and expression marks.

After the application of Botox, the region is ‘paralyzed’ for approximately 4 months, but it is possible that its effect will start to diminish a little before or after, depending on the location, requiring a new application of Botox to maintain the results.

Botulinum toxin is a substance produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum and therefore, its use should only be done under medical indication, as it is possible that a complete health assessment can be carried out and the risks related to its use can be evaluated. toxin.

What is it for?

Control of blepharospasm, which consists of closing the eyes vigorously and uncontrollably;

Control bruxism;

Facial spasms, known as tic disorder

Decrease in neuropathic pain;

facial asymmetries due to stroke;


In addition, the application of botox is very popular in aesthetics, being indicated to treat wrinkles and expression lines, promoting facial rejuvenation and harmony and proper positioning of beauty structures.

How does it work?

Botulinum toxin promotes the temporary blockage of the muscles in which it is applied, treating the expression wrinkles in this area and repositioning the local structures, the effects last for about 4 months, varying according to the rate of metabolism, muscle strength and personal characteristics of each patient. With the continuous reapplications of the treatment, the main objective is being achieved, which is the control of the patient’s facial muscles to prevent aging in the long term and establish parameters and harmony for the facial muscles!

O procedimento

The application takes about 30 minutes with mild pain during the procedure! The result is extremely individual as each professional will have a perspective on the aesthetic needs of each patient.

Immediately after the procedure, we recommend that the patient does not exercise, massage the area, do not apply creams and do not lower the head for a period of 4 hours!

Local ice can be placed.

The effect of the product will start to be seen at 3 days and will progressively increase until the 15th day when the review will be scheduled!

Retouching must be done during this period to adjust the treatment! It should not be performed after this period because of the risk of inducing resistance in the patient!

Re-application is recommended after 5 months on average, however, like any medication, it will be gradually eliminated from the body according to each individual’s response.

Botulinum toxin is one of the pillars of the treatment of aging and prevention of the face today and should be considered a strong ally in this process.

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