A combination that we use more and more is the facial and body treatment. Yes, it is possible and we have a lot of experience with it. Because we will be a couple in which we work very synchronously and with excellence, we managed to command two teams, in two different regions, at the same time. In other words, while one team performs the facial treatment, another works in the body region, with less surgical time, maintaining the necessary safety and excellence.

Nowadays, we receive many foreign patients who come to our clinic in Rio de Janeiro, but we also operate more and more Brazilians who would like to have bigger combined surgeries.

Combinations are usually:

– Face Surgery (Rhytidectomy) + Abdominoplasty (Abdomen Surgery) and Liposuction

– Face Surgery (Rhytidectomy) + Abdominoplasty + Mammoplasty (breast surgery)

– Face Surgery + Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery) + Abdominoplasty

– Rhinoplasty + Abdominoplasty + Mammoplasty + Liposuction

– Rhinoplasty and Silicone Inclusion

Each case will be analyzed with great care, going through our clinical team that will give the health opinion and our team that will evaluate which surgeries are possible to add, always keeping our patient’s safety first.

Pre-surgical preparation:

Several clinical exams are required to assess our patient’s health. Blood tests, respiratory exams, cardiological exams for the patient to undergo an assessment with a cardiologist, who makes the surgical risk, releasing the patient and providing the degree of risk.

After that, the patient goes through our photographic record and measurements team.


Postoperative logistics are very important, as there are surgeries that have postoperative care such as restrictions on activities and very similar movements, while others do not – which prevents them from being associated.


When all safety precautions in plastic surgery are followed correctly, the association can have some benefits, such as:

– Lowest cost;
– Single period of recovery and withdrawal from social activities and work;
– A single anesthesia;
– The realization of only one consultation for preoperative evaluation;
– Improvement of the final result due to the complementary effect of two or more surgeries.

Surgery associations have been a resource widely used by people who wish to take advantage of a single hospitalization to correct more than one aesthetic imperfection.

And as we’ve seen, this is possible as long as you don’t overdo the pretensions and you’re healthy enough for the type of procedure you want. It is up to the surgeon to use the common sense to attend or refuse certain procedures.

We have a well-trained team, and as we are 2 surgeons, we coordinate two teams, which maintains excellent results with less surgical time, ensuring safety for our patients.

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