The complete body surgery is widely performed and sought after by women after pregnancy and because of this it receives the name of MOMMY MAKEOVER in these cases.

Pregnancy is a period of many physical and emotional changes for patients, such as weight gain, increased waist circumference and breast growth. Thus, after pregnancy, women can take care of themselves and renew their self-esteem with the Mommy Makeover.

There are many mothers who put personal care aside after pregnancy to dedicate themselves fully to their children. However, personal satisfaction, self-esteem and self-care are essential at this stage.

Next, find out what mommy makeover is and what this aesthetic treatment can do for a woman in the post-pregnancy period!

What is mommy makeover?

Mommy makeover is a treatment that aims to correct some of the esthetic dissatisfactions generated after the end of pregnancy, with the objective that the woman has the body again before the pregnancy – or closer to it.

Body changes during pregnancy are considered beautiful and natural, but after childbirth, many women want to have the same body as before or, at least, eliminate the more pronounced changes, such as localized fat gain, excess skin, flaccidity , stretch marks and trim of the breasts.

The mommy makeover concentrates all these demands in a single treatment, proposing the association of plastic surgeries such as liposuction, abdominoplasty and mammoplasty to meet the aesthetic needs of patients.

post-pregnancy plastic surgery is a way to increase women’s personal satisfaction and self-esteem by helping to reverse unwanted physical and aesthetic changes.

What procedures are included in the treatment?

The procedures that are part of the mommy makeover are those that meet the main demands of women after pregnancy. Learn more about each of them below!


Liposuction is a technique that aims to remove fat located in deposits that increase or compromise the silhouette or body definition.

In the case of women after pregnancy, the technique is beneficial for removing localized fat from regions such as the back and waist, but it can also be used on the flanks, legs and buttocks.

The formation of fat deposits is very common during pregnancy due to weight gain and less possibility of pregnant and lactating women to perform physical exercises that help burn fat from these deposits.


The non-liposuction aspirated fat can be prepared and separated for use in increasing the volume of some body structures!

The most commonly used sites are: gluteal fat grafting, scar fat grafting, breast fat grafting!

In addition, we can also use fat grafting for facial rejuvenation and structuring due to the presence of stem cells in this tissue!


abdominoplasty is a plastic surgery that promotes the removal of excess skin, very common especially in pregnant women who gain more weight during pregnancy.

The procedure aims to remove this excess, including the removal of stretch marks in some cases. It includes closing the diastasis with suturing the abdominal muscles, which helps to preserve a straighter and more defined belly.

The procedure may involve a larger removal of skin involving from the region above the umbilicus, which is the traditional method, as well as promoting a smaller removal concentrated in the suprapubic area with miniabdominoplasty.

In general, surgery can be performed using the incision site for cesarean sections, which ensures that the patient will not have an additional scar.


 In the treatment of mommy makeover, mammoplasty can be in different ways to meet the patient’s aesthetic wishes, such as:

  • augmentation mammoplastywith prosthesis placement to increase the volume and make the breasts firmer;
  • mastopexy for removing excess skin and sagging and lifting the breasts;
  • reductive mammoplasty to remove excess skin and may also involve breast tissue, such as glands, to achieve a more proportionate and comfortable volume for the patient;
  • association of mastopexy with augmentation mammoplasty or even tissue removal with prosthesis placement to make the breasts firmer.

Therefore, mammoplasty meets different demands of patients according to individual characteristics and preferences.

What to consider before opting for treatment?

Mommy makeover is a very complete treatment that meets several aesthetic demands, however, due to the association of techniques, it must be performed considering some factors such as:

  • women with diseases such as diabetes, hypertension or decompensated heart disease
  • be a heavy smoker
  • obesity or body weight much higher than recommended;
  • have autoimmune diseases.

In addition to health issues, the patient should consider whether she is planning another pregnancy soon, as in these cases the treatment is not indicated as the results will be lost in part.

Being realistic about the possible results with the treatment is also important, because even with extensive aesthetic changes, the patient does not always rescue exactly the same body as before the pregnancy.

As these are associated procedures, it is essential that the plastic surgeon individually assess issues such as bleeding, anesthesia time and surgery duration.

The recommendation is that the procedure is only performed when the birth has been performed for at least 6 months, and the woman has stopped breastfeeding for at least 3 months.

How is the post-op of mommy makeover?

In mommy makeover, the woman can choose a procedure, associate two or even the three techniques presented. However, it is necessary to be aware that the more procedures performed, the greater the surgical trauma and the greater the time for recovery.

In general, recovery takes from one to three weeks, and during this period, especially if you perform a mammoplasty, it will not be possible to hold the child in your arms.

For this reason, it is not uncommon for women to wait between one and two years to perform post-pregnancy plastic surgery so that the child is already less dependent.

Therefore, to plan the mommy makeover, it is essential that the woman has help, as she must remain at least days and weeks at rest. In addition, other precautions include:

  • use compression belts in operated regions;
  • do not perform physical activities for at least one month;
  • do not get up for an average of one month;
  • do not drive for at least 15 days;
  • Take only the medications prescribed by the doctor which may include analgesics, anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics;
  • sleeping on your back for about two months;
  • do lymphatic drainage sessions after surgery.

With proper care, the woman will have a smoother and more adequate recovery and will also have better postoperative results.

It is noteworthy that to carry out the mommy makeover, it is essential that the patient consults a trusted plastic surgeon and member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery (SBCP) and that is what we will talk about in the next topic.

What to consider when choosing a clinic to do mommy makeover?

Performing a esthetic surgical procedure is something that requires a lot of research, great care and analysis of several factors, such as credibility of the establishment, training of the team and trust.

Therefore, below we will show you the main points to consider when choosing the clinic for the mommy makeover.

Professional Accreditation

The best way to ensure that the outcome of the procedure meets your expectations is to make sure you are dealing with highly qualified professionals.

Therefore, before deciding which clinic to choose to carry out the mommy makeover, look for information about the team, the time they have been in the market, information about the documentation and registration required for the clinic to function.

Recommendation from other patients

Another very important point to consider before deciding which clinic to choose to perform the cosmetic procedure is the opinions of other patients. To do this, check the establishment’s social networks to see what people say about their experiences.

Clinic Infrastructure

It is essential that the plastic surgeon performing the procedure is highly qualified, as well as the team that will assist you throughout the process. However, the conditions of the clinic’s physical infrastructure should also have a strong influence on your decision.

Analysis of the quality and functionality of the main equipment used. See if the clinic follows the biggest trends in the universe of plastic surgery and is always updated on the news launched in the beauty market.

Procedure Safety

Search for information on where surgeries are performed. Check if the clinic has partnerships with establishments that have credibility and if it performs the most complex procedures in hospitals.

Quality of materials used

As a patient, do not hesitate to ask about the validity and origin of the types of medications, materials and substances that may be used during surgery. Also, pay special attention to complying with technical standards, as these factors can prevent headaches in the future.

Doctor’s posture at initial contact

The first contact with the professional who will perform the aesthetic procedure is essential and should be considered a strong indication of your profile. After all, this contact will reflect on the entire relationship you will have with the clinic, on your trust in the team and on the security that all the necessary support will be provided before and after the surgery.

To do this, check whether the professional establishes an open dialogue and seeks to convey trust from the very first conversation. Also discuss the risks involved in the process. It is very important that the patient has the final word on whether or not to undergo a certain surgical intervention.

As you can see, to guarantee the efficiency of the results and to be sure that you are dealing with the best technical team, look for a specialized clinic with enough credibility in the beauty market to carry out your mommy makeover.

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