FACIAL AGING is a multifactorial process that affects all regions of our body!
In the same way the Rejuvenation process needs to have the same multiple approach and multiple structures so that the patient’s general context appears harmonious, adequate and beautiful!
The 4 main pillars of the aging process are:
– The action of gravity with the fall of all facial structures (muscle, skin, fat pads, nasal cartilages…)
– Loss of facial volume with bone resorption, especially at the anchorage points of the face such as the malar region, jaw angle, chin tip and temporal region
– Loss of skin quality with a progressive decrease in the amount of collagen and elastin which makes the skin not have adequate adhesion to the deeper tissues
– Action of the facial muscles throughout life that causes creases and furrows in the skin over time, in addition to changing the position of structures such as the tail of the eyebrow.

In this way, the treatments of a “Full face” will go through:

✔️ Botulinum toxin for facial muscle control for prevention and treatment
✔️Collagen biostimulator to improve the quality of remaining skin!
✔️Facial lipografts and/or fillings with hyaluronic acid to restore lost volume.
✔️And surgical procedures to reestablish positions lost with gravity.

Face plastic surgery – what types and how does it help to rejuvenate your appearance

We are very concerned about our face, not only because it supports most of the main senses, such as sight, hearing, smell and taste, but also because it is the focus of attention when we talk to others people. We always want to be beautiful and presentable, which often ends up creating a real war with the mirror.

facial plastic surgery helps to improve the appearance of the face, leading to a harmonization of the face and thus increasing the person’s self-esteem. In addition to smoothing out wrinkles and signs, it also helps to rejuvenate the face, bringing a more youthful appearance.

When is it recommended to have facelift surgery?

It’s always a good idea to take care of your facial skin as soon as possible, using sunscreen, moisturizing well, and getting a good night’s sleep.

Usually after the age of 30, the first signs of aging on the face begin to appear, such as sagging skin, expression wrinkles, marked furrows, among others. It is during this period that we must start the most intensive care, such as the use of botulinum toxin, fillers and cosmetic treatments more specific for each type of skin. This will help prevent the much dreaded premature aging.

From 50 years of age, sagging skin, tissue sagging and wrinkles become more important and facial aging becomes more evident. At this point we are considering facial rejuvenation surgery (Rhytidectomy or Facelift).

Check out the main types of facelift surgery?

Nose surgery: Nose surgery is not always aesthetic, as it also corrects respiratory difficulties of accidental origin or structural abnormalities. Known as Rhinoplasty, the surgery  aims to bring harmony to the face by improving the proportion and appearance of the nose. In aging it will bring structure to the tip which naturally tends to fall out. 

Bichectomy: In the cheek region is located the Bichat Ball. It is a bag of fat that, when in large volume, causes the face to look rounder. Bichectomy aimed at thinning the facial contour by removing this fat.

Ear surgery: Whether to correct a deformity caused by trauma or injury, or to correct a structural birth defect, a Otoplasty (</ strong>ear surgery),improves position, shape and even the proportion of the ear.

In the ear we can also address the filling of the lobe that tends to shriveled up with the aging process.

Eyelid Surgery: Excess skin and protruding fat bags bring an aged and tired look to our face. A Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) is a quick recovery surgery that promotes an important aesthetic improvement in the eye region.

Chin surgery: Some people feel dissatisfied with the size of their chin. Mentoplasty (chin surgery) reshapes the shape and projection of the chin aiming to achieve more balanced facial proportions. This surgery can be done using the bone itself or with silicone implants. It can be done together with Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty) to achieve more balanced facial proportions.

Eyebrow Lifting: The drooping eyebrows are evidence of facial aging. Eyebrow Lifting (also known as  Brow Lifting) aims to reposition and elevate the eyebrow, it can be performed through several techniques and has a lot of recovery fast.

Forehead Lifting or Frontal Lifting: The Frontal Lifting lifts the forehead, eyebrows and improves the appearance of wrinkles, thus minimizing the aged appearance of the face.< /em>

Facial Lifting: This is the most complete surgery of all and the one that brings the greatest facial rejuvenation. Also known as Rhytidectomy, it corrects sagging neck, deep creases and shedding of facial tissues. It is usually done from 50-55 years old, has a quick recovery and can be associated with other procedures such as Blepharoplasty, face fat grafting, laser or other skin treatments.

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