Gluteal Lipo Grafting is a commonly used technique to repair, define, or increase the volume of this region of the body. Through this technique, the plastic surgeon uses the patient’s own body fat to perform the aesthetic procedure.

What is fat grafting and when is it indicated?

It is a procedure in which the surgeon removes fat from other regions of the body. Generally, the chosen parts are those in which the fat is in excess, such as the abdomen, thighs or back, for example.

One of the advantages of this technique is that, in addition to increasing, defining or shaping the volume of the butt, it also allows for the correction of body parts that have excess volume.

How is fat grafting done in the glutes?

The first step is to define which part of the body the material will be taken from. After that, the doctor performs liposuction to remove localized fat accumulated in unwanted places. Once it is collected, the next step is to treat it, purify it, and remove all the blood and cellular material debris. Then, the fat will be grafted onto the buttocks through microinjections.

The material purification procedure is very important, this phase requires great care and is essential for the graft to be done safely.

Fat grafting requires the use of general anesthesia, for more comfort and tranquility, the ideal is that the patient is hospitalized for 1 day.

What are the main benefits of lipograft in the buttocks?

The benefits of fat grafting are numerous, but to ensure the safety and success of this procedure, choosing an experienced plastic surgeon who is specialized in this area is essential.

We list some of the reasons that justify the option for fat grafting in the glutes:

  • Increase butt volume
  • fixes the size difference between breasts and glutes;
  • allows reshaping similar to original format;
  • improves self-esteem;
  • helps to maintain body weight;
  • decreases sagging.

How is the recovery and healing process?

Recovery from fat grafting is a very smooth and fast process. As it is a surgical procedure and it requires the removal of fat from other parts of the body, some women complain of occasional pain or discomfort, including small edemas or bruises.

However, these symptoms are common and usually disappear within 3 to 4 days after surgery. However, to avoid further concerns, the advice is to talk to your doctor and keep him in tune with any signs that are out of the ordinary.

In the first days of recovery, the surgeon prescribes painkillers and advises relative rest. The intake of water and light foods is also advised.

Finally, it can be seen that this technique is widely used and, generally, the satisfaction indices meet expectations. However, for the buttocks fat grafting to be safe, it is recommended to look for a good plastic surgery professional to undergo the procedure.

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