Breast Reduction Procedure

The reduction of the breast, reduction mammoplasty, is one of the most common among the esthetic surgeries, as well as being indicated to improve the aesthetic appearance of the breast >, it is also indicated as a complementary resource in the prophylactic treatment of certain breast diseases and as a prevention of problems caused by very large breasts.

Large breasts cause many discomforts in patients: back pain, difficulty exercising, low self-esteem, shame, difficulty finding clothes.

Currently, we perform surgery with or without a prosthesis. The prosthesis provides a more marked contour, and in these cases, we remove more breast tissue to compensate for the extra volume of the silicone.

Surgery is a procedure performed in a hospital environment, lasting around 3 hours, and being discharged the next day after the team’s assessment. The return time for activities is around 21 to 30 days.

Does cosmetic breast surgery leave scars?

The reduction of the breasts depends on the removal of the extra volume, and for that we need a T-shaped scar most of the time.

Fortunately, the mammoplasty permiteallows us to put the scars a lot, which is very convenient. To better clarify the evolution of scarring, let’s report the different periods through which the scars will pass, after breast reduction or breast suspension:

Immediate Period: It goes up to the 30th day and presents itself with an excellent appearance and little visible. Some cases show a slight reaction to the stitches or dressing.

Media Period: It goes from the 30th day to the 12th month. During this period there will be a natural thickening of the scar, as well as a change in the tone of its color, going from “red” to “brown” which will gradually lighten. This period, the least favorable of the cicatricial evolution, is what more worries the patients. As we cannot speed up the natural healing process, we recommend that patients not to worry, because the late period will be responsible for reducing the scarring traces.

Late Period: It goes from the 12th to the 18th month. During this period, the scar begins to become lighter and less consistent, thus reaching its definitive appearance. Any assessment of the definitive result of the breast surgery should be done after this period.

What will my new breasts look like, in terms of size and consistency?

The breasts may have their volume reduced through surgery; in addition, its consistency and shape are also improved with an intervention, but several factors interfere in the consistency, shape and duration of the result of a breast plastic: skin flaccidity, gland/fat ratio. Thus, for cases of volume reduction and lifting of its position, we can choose several volumes, within the possibilities that the original breast allows us to plan, without compromising it in the future. Here, as in the case of volume increase, the proportions between the volume of the new breast and the size of the patient’s chest must be balanced in order to obtain greater aesthetic harmony. At that time, the flaccidity and shape of the original breast are improved; however, “the new breasts” go through several evolutionary periods:

Immediate Period: Extends until the 30th day. During this period, although the breasts have a much improved appearance, their shape is still below the planned result, because, until the definitive shape is reached, initial apparent “small defects” appear (unavoidable in all cases), which tend to disappear over time. Remember this observation: Usually no breast is “perfect” in the immediate postoperative period.

Media Period: It goes from the 30th day to the 8th month. During this period, the breast starts to show an evolution that tends to its definitive shape. It is not uncommon during this period to have a certain insensitivity or hypersensitivity of the nipple, in addition to a greater or lesser degree of “swelling” of the breasts; moreover, its shape falls short of the definitive one. Despite a certain euphoria of most patients, already in this period, the result will be even better, as this will be the characteristic of the 3rd period (late).

Late Period: It goes from the 8th to the 18th month. It is the period when the breast reaches its definitive appearance (scar, shape, consistency, volume, sensitivity). It is during this period that we usually photograph the operated cases, in order to compare them with the preoperative appearance of each patient. The degree of elasticity of the breast skin, as well as the volume achieved, is of great importance in the final result. The balance between the two varies from case to case.

How soon will I reach the final result?

Although the immediate result is very good, only around the 12th month will the breasts reach their final shape.

In the case of a new pregnancy, will the result remain or will it be harmed?

When dealing with very large breasts, which have been markedly reduced, lactation may be impaired. In cases of small and medium reductions, lactation is usually preserved. As for the result, it can be partially preserved, as long as you control your weight gain in the new pregnancy.

Is the post-operative period after breast surgery painful?

In general, no . As long as you follow the medical instructions, especially with regard to moving your arms, exertion and other care in the first few days.

What type of anesthesia is used?

General anesthesia.< /span>

When are the stitches removed?

We use most cases the surgical glue, so there are almost no stitches to remove.

When will I take a full bath?

Usually after 2 days. Some cases may determine care on the operated area,

When can I return to my gymnastics?

Usually after 90 days .

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